Science Baby Mama (with no kids)

Huh. I started reading and commenting on some blogs today since my cells need to hang out until tomorrow and my peptides need to lyophilize. I decided I would start my own blog a la FSP and see if I ever write in it. I'll try to keep a record of how things go as I start my first tenure-track faculty position at a major research university this fall. It can also be my public repository for my harebrained schemes.

4 thoughts on “Science Baby Mama (with no kids)

  1. May I have the honor of being the first commentator ? Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to blogosphere (why is it called blogo"sphere" anyway ? Is it really spherical ? This is an excellent subject for a post, eh ? I feel generous tonight, I'll leave it to you...).

  2. Well, though I have been blogging for under a month, what the heck, I'll send out the welcome!I'll be following this....gots to learn more about this new fangled Chem-ick-call-bi-LOL-ogy.

  3. Whoooooo, comments!When I finally figured out where my "dashboard" was, I was super excited to see these. Thanks guys! I'm starting my return to the internets, I used to have a livejournal etc. I still post a lot on a certain forum, but it's with non-science friends. I'll probably use mine like you use yours Nat, I don't plan on making personal complaints or trying to hide who I am too much. I would rather this didn't come up when somebody searches my real name on Google or whatnot, but I don't mind if people figure out who I am. I won't say anything here I wouldn't say to their faces (MOSTLY).

  4. Oh and by the way okham, I think it's probably shaped like a torus. That was my favorite shape from a class I took once where the teacher made a frog sound every 30 seconds. It's Homer Simpson's favorite shape, too.

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